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  1. purpletongue

    2nd racking / degassing and bung advice

    I'm wondering if it's OK to rack from my carboy into my primary fermentation bucket, which is large and easy to degass in using the whisk I have. Then, rack it back into a carboy after degassing is complete. Will the back and forth cause any issues? I figure there's so much air exposure during...
  2. C

    Pomegranate Progress

    Day - 14 [following restart. See posts regarding Pom Problems] Racked from primary fermenter into 5-Gal carboy SG - 1.037 pH - 3.36 TA - 1% T - 74(F) Subjective: sweet (expected), no bad odors/taste, strong pink color(not red) The wine is fermenting nicely. Activity picked up a...