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  1. A

    Sorbate instead of bicarbonate :-(

    While multitasking on a Sunday I didn’t think through what I was doing. When I thought I need to a potassium bicarbonate to lower TA I added 13 g of potassium sorbate then added WLB 675 to a merlot. I added 13 g of potassium sorbate to a Montepulciano and now I realize I shouldn’t add MLB. I am...
  2. Cole

    Potassium Bicarbonate & Cold Stabilization

    Hi, all I have a question regarding wine de-acidification using potassium bicarbonate, and the need for subsequent cold stabilization. Some details; question further down: I was asked by a relative to make a wine using Clinton grapes he had been growing in his backyard for some time. This is...
  3. NDengineer

    Metallic Taste... Potassium Bicarbonate?

    I have a batch of raspberry rhubarb wine with some serious off flavor - mostly metallic. Sources seem to suggest metallic off flavors come from metal pots, tin cans, etc, but nothing in my brew has been in contact with metal (all ingredients harvested from my garden, plastic fermenter, glass...