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  1. Wouter

    What's a good process for bringing our plum wine to taste?

    Background How we made our first plum wine batch Last year we moved to a house with a plum tree that treated us generously with ripe and tasty fruit. We froze the leftover fruit (about 20kg) and turned it mid-winter into the beginnings of plum wine. Adding about 12kg (26.5 lbs) of sugar, we...
  2. ringmany

    Half full demijohn, will it cause issues in secondary fermentation?

    Hi everyone, I've been making some Plum wine. I've reached the secondary fermentation stage, so I've moved my wines into two, 1 gallon demijohns. There's less liquid than I thought there would be, so I wasn't able to fill the demijohn all the way. Here's a photo showing them both: So both...