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  1. Dom Lausic

    High pH, High TA

    Hey Everyone! Hope everyone's winemaking is in full swing!! Needed a few opinions. Crushed some Californian Cab Sauv yesterday. Ran some tests today, and needed opinions on must adjustments. Brix: 24 pH: 4.13 TA: 6.0 Want to bring the pH but don't want the TA to get too high! Looking for...
  2. A

    Calculate The Amount Of Yeast And PH

    Hi First i need say thank you that shares your experience to me. Second I have 2 question 1- My first question is Calculate the amount of yeast for making wine. So I went to this website and so they write “yeast rate addition” in index of...
  3. M

    High PH in White Wine from Grapes

    Thank you in advance for anyone willing to lend their knowledge! I have about 10.5 gallons of a mix of Chardonel and Vidal Blanc must that has already gone through primary fermentation (.25 brix at this moment) and racked twice. The must is from crushed/pressed grapes grown in Western PA so I...
  4. reefman

    pH vs. free SO2 in concord wine

    Can we discuss pH vs. Free SO2 levels....this is the first time I've heard this mentioned. What's the relationship between the two, and how do you calculate ppm of SO2 required, based on pH?