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  1. Applewineguy

    Looking for PDF recipes for Melomels

    I am looking for tried and proven really good Melomel recipes made from frozen fruit. I would like to acquire some PDF recipes that go into detail for exact amounts of required ingredients and steps if possible. I've been out of the game for probably close to 12 years and coming back into it...
  2. I

    Peculiar film on top of melomel (and trying to fix the haze)

    I have a blackberry and black cherry melomel that I started brewing in back in early August. Recently during my checks I've noticed a thin, seemingly crystalline, iridescent film on the surface that is strong enough to pin some bubbles beneath it. I've been trying to identify it to make sure...
  3. N

    Mindermann's Maple Madness

    I've been experimenting with fruit wines and meads for about half a year now, figuring out what makes what tick. Looking to change it up a bit, I decided to head outside and tap some maple trees to make some type of maple mead (Its prime maple tapping season in Minnesota). I've spent enough...