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  1. Denden5136

    Sauvignon Blanc high pH

    I picked 160 lbs of Sauvignon Blanc this weekend. The harvest is a bit late. The Brix came in at 27. The grapes were on the "done" side, but were from a good, clean vineyard and the fruit looked really good. Got everything crushed and pressed in a couple hours and checked the pH - 4.1. I...
  2. Cole

    Potassium Bicarbonate & Cold Stabilization

    Hi, all I have a question regarding wine de-acidification using potassium bicarbonate, and the need for subsequent cold stabilization. Some details; question further down: I was asked by a relative to make a wine using Clinton grapes he had been growing in his backyard for some time. This is...
  3. K

    Fixing VERY tart wine

    I've made several kits before but I'm relatively new to making fruit wine. My goal is to make a lemon wine with a light raspberry finish so I took the basic 5 gallon skeeter pee recipe and added 5 lbs for raspberries to the primary fermentation. All went well and it's clear but the TA is 1.45%...