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  1. M

    Hydrometer reading has increased after fermentation...

    Hi, I'm new to wine making and I've come across a problem. I started off with 20 litres of orange juice and 3kgs of white sugar, some cinnamon sticks and whole green cardamom pods, I added 20 grams of champagne yeast and have been letting it ferment for, now total, 3 weeks. I measured the...
  2. Allie Geiger

    Yeast not being very aggressive?

    I have a batch of cranberry/cherry/orange that is on day 4. The yeast did not become very vigorous, and it is now just mildly fizzing. I took a gravity reading. the starting gravity was 1.1. On day 4 it is now at 1.06. Is it doing okay, or is there something I need to add to it? Is it okay that...