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  1. W

    Medicinal taste in Chilean cab

    Anyone know how to get medicinal taste out of a chilean cab? I added dried elderberries to both this & the Chileaan Malbec but that does not taste medicinal
  2. Becks the Elder

    Elderberry Port.

    Hi everyone, Having posted a few weeks ago about my over sweet elderberry wine which eventually stopped at 16% abv. I have decided to turn most of it over to port. I tried to drink it but it is just far too sweet for my taste. What I intend to do is take 4 bottles of sweet wine and add 1 bottle...
  3. Becks the Elder

    My (Dried) Elderberry Wine Recipe.

    OK. So here, after many questions to forum members, mistakes on my part and much trial and error is my settled recipe. Thanks to all those who, through advice and comment, lead me to this final version. I have now made about 50 Imp. Gallons using this recipe and am happy with the way the...