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  1. C

    Grape Crusher / Grape Destemmer - For Sale

    Crusher / Destemmer with stand for $500. Bought new in 2013. Works well and in great shape. Located Southwest of PIttsburgh PA. Email me at [email protected] for additional information. Grifo Semi Stainless Steel Metal Motorized Grape Crusher/De-Stemmer With Stainless Steel Hopper...
  2. Dom Lausic

    2019 Glen Cellars Vintage

    Here are few pics of our first crush of the season! Crushed 8 cases of Merlot & 8 cases of Zinfandel. Very exciting
  3. Juicemaster25

    Manual Press and Crusher for sale northern NJ

    Like new. Pick up only near Fort Lee, NJ. Call 201 314 7122 if interested. $600 for both or $450 for press and $200 for manual crusher.
  4. C

    All stainless crusher destemmer

    Used once. Like new! With stainless stand. Rubber rollers. Paid $1500 plus freight new. Priced to sell at $800 pick up Columbus Ohio. 1hp up to 3000lbs per hour
  5. bobpf

    To core or not to core?

    All, I am getting ready to do a pear wine. I have a new fruit crusher and press. I am planning on crushing the pears and pressing out the juice before starting fermentation. As this is my first time crushing fruit I would like to know if others first core their fruit before crushing...