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  1. 7

    For Sale Home Winemaking Equipment

    Everything needed except grapes/juice kit to make homemade wine. Includes: 6 Gallon Carbon 5-6 gallon primary fermentation bucket (typical kit yield of 30 bottles) 45 bottle drying rack Hydrometer Stirring Spoon Corking tool 2 bottle cleaners Auto-siphon with tubing and clamp Wine agitator...
  2. MrTea

    Cork OK as Barrel Closure?

    I purchased one of the 20 liter Hungarian barrels from and it came with a wooden bung but wanted to use a silicone stopper to ensure a good seal so I also purchased their solid and breathable silicone bungs for "small" barrels but both are far too large to fit in the hole. I...
  3. Intheswamp

    Corks and a corker.

    I'm thinking of going ahead and biting the bullet and buying a floor corker before I try tackling my 3-gallon carboy of seven-year-old traditional mead. The one that I'm looking at is the red Portuguese floor corker. It seems to have been well thought of and recommended over the last several...