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  1. F

    fresh batch questions

    I have started my first batches of wine this week- it's been years since I did more than hard cider. Not one for starting terribly slow, I have three going at once. My intention was apple wine, but ended up with a hard cider and more apple butter instead, time constraints in December. So when a...
  2. KristopherSmith

    Good afternoon from Northern Michigan!

    Hello, My name is Kris, and I am currently an Accountant for a defense contractor in Northern Michigan. I enjoy my work, but find wine making to be a fun and fulfilling activity. I hope to put my business degree to good use, and work toward becoming a full time vintner. I am 35...
  3. reefman

    pH vs. free SO2 in concord wine

    Can we discuss pH vs. Free SO2 levels....this is the first time I've heard this mentioned. What's the relationship between the two, and how do you calculate ppm of SO2 required, based on pH?
  4. B

    specific gravity problem

    My first try is a Concord grape wine. One week ago I followed a recipe for Concord grape wine. After a week it seems to be progressing but I learned that I should have added more sugar. The starting SG was only about 1.050. I think it should have been around 1.1. After a week it's down to 1.2...