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  1. J

    Runaway Chardonnay

    I just picked up 9 gallons of Chardonnay juice that started bubbling and continues to bubble even after adding campden tablets. Here is what I have done so far....Last Thursday I picked up the pasteurized juice, kept it refrigerated for 24+ hours, let it get to room temperature (66 deg) and...
  2. I

    Secret bottling technique?

    Hello, I am a beginning wine maker. I have had a lot of successful wine, so far and am eager to get into keeping it for longer periods. however I seem to hit a snag. I can't seem to get a straight answer on bottling. It took quite some time to gather the info needed. However I still have some...
  3. Tall Grass

    Absolutely necessary to use campden tablets?

    I'm mixing up a batch of welchs concentrate tonight but with the addition of half-kilo of raisins (in the freezer right now.) When I thaw them out I'll be dumping boiling water onto them in the primary bucket... shouldn't the boiling water do what campden tablets do to kill...