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  1. J

    Issue with dissolving campden tablet

    I added a campden tablet (crushed) to my batch a day before I was planning to bottle per some guidance. The next day I noticed that it had not fully dissolved and now the fine white particles are throughout the batch (mostly on top). My searching across this and other forums yielded two common...
  2. J

    Runaway Chardonnay

    I just picked up 9 gallons of Chardonnay juice that started bubbling and continues to bubble even after adding campden tablets. Here is what I have done so far....Last Thursday I picked up the pasteurized juice, kept it refrigerated for 24+ hours, let it get to room temperature (66 deg) and...
  3. I

    Secret bottling technique?

    Hello, I am a beginning wine maker. I have had a lot of successful wine, so far and am eager to get into keeping it for longer periods. however I seem to hit a snag. I can't seem to get a straight answer on bottling. It took quite some time to gather the info needed. However I still have some...
  4. Tall Grass

    Absolutely necessary to use campden tablets?

    I'm mixing up a batch of welchs concentrate tonight but with the addition of half-kilo of raisins (in the freezer right now.) When I thaw them out I'll be dumping boiling water onto them in the primary bucket... shouldn't the boiling water do what campden tablets do to kill...