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  1. MrTea

    Cork OK as Barrel Closure?

    I purchased one of the 20 liter Hungarian barrels from and it came with a wooden bung but wanted to use a silicone stopper to ensure a good seal so I also purchased their solid and breathable silicone bungs for "small" barrels but both are far too large to fit in the hole. I...
  2. C

    Wine on tap?

    Hey all. I would really like to have mini oak barrels in my basement that I could tap and get a glass of wine from (sort of like a mini keg) without it spoiling or even better, while continuing to age. My guess is it would be no different from just opening a bottle in terms of a limited shelf...
  3. G

    Sulfite addition in barrel

    I am bulk aging a Merlot from a kit, pH=3.4, TA=7. Been aging in a 20 L oak barrel since November 2014. I racked in April, and at that time added 1/4 tsp KBMS. When I put into the barrel, I decided since pH was low to go with an additional 1/8 tsp instead of the 1/4 tsp. Since then I've...