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  1. F

    Help the Newbie!

    Hey Everyone! I'm just starting the wine making journey and would love to hear your advice on what to do, AND NOT DO, that you've learned over the years! I have only the most basic of wine making knowledge so don't worry, no advice is insulting! Thank you!!!!! Kyle
  2. D

    Cabernet Sauvignon of wedding

    I need some help choosing a kit. I am getting married on August 3rd of this year and want to make 2 kits to hand out with labeled bottles as favors. We are using 375 ml bottles and each household (55) is getting one bottle. The intention is to tell people to take the bottle home and on our 1...
  3. Kaotisk Bäsärk

    Advice for Making Peach Wine?

    The peaches on my trees are getting closer and closer to maturation, and as they grow I too grow more and more tempted to attempt to make peach wine, though the more I research the more I realize that fermenting wine using peaches could potentially be very different in technique to what I'm used...
  4. E

    I'm totally new at this

    Okay so I am completely new to the wine making world and am making a small batch right now. My only previous wine making experience was with a friend of mine a few months ago and was extremely basic and I do mean basic. We basically just put a few gallons of juice, sugar, and some yeast in a...