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    How to present simple and clear (steps) bottle of wine

    I have a job in my restaurant thanks to my friend, he suggested me to learn something by presenting a wine bottle to clients? Do anyone can said me with steps, what do do?
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and health firstly!
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    Potassium Metabisulfite Question

    I have a QUESTION: If i have 50 mg/ l So2 (ppm), how can i calculate to add as Potassium metabisulfite ? (because is solid, need in grams i think...)
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    What's for Dinner?

    I have white bean for dinner, what do you recommend for wine?
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    Advice for pomegranate wine?

    It looks not a totally degassed. Pressure is low. The aerator is still there. if any gas left.. I will warm a little bit. thank you.. maybe the temperature of fermentation has been lower, so fermentation continue for ling time..
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    Potassium Metabisulfite Question

    I just started to make wine as regular... so need need a little help.. where to find..
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    Advice for pomegranate wine?

    I made wine with Pomegranate + grapes berries(used general wine yeast, oenotria WinFerm Champ. The fermentation is finished 3 some week ago, very slow fermentation, I have done a quick filtering at home. Now the wine is in a quiet period in a small stainless steel tank. From the taste it does...
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    Potassium Metabisulfite Question

    QUESTION: I made the FREE & TOTAL So2 analysis for my 'Merlot' wine Free So2 - 19.2 | EU standart 20 - 30 mg/lit Total So2 - 36.48 | EU standart 210 mg/lit How to calculate how much metabisulphite to add to keep wine protected ? I have 3500 liters of wine...
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    Heyy i'm here, who said can make wine only from grape...

    Hello Im Con, from Balkan countries, well i travel sometimes in different states in Europe anf Balkan for tours of wine and new experiences of wine and make new friends as well. Sometimes i do small experiments, producing wines from different fruits, strawberry, pomegranate, blueberry ect there...