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    Leaf identification vinifera vs. labrusca

    Thank you for the pictures. I can see how it doesn't resemble the concord leaf. Labrusca is very different. It does look sort of like the riparia leaf except that the three points are longer. The Itasca leaf is very distinctive from the others. Court
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    Leaf identification vinifera vs. labrusca

    I guess I will need to do what salcoco suggested and see what grapes it produces. I just have to be patient. :) I'll have to find some fruit bags somewhere to keep fruit on it until it has a chance to mature. The reason I thought it wasn't a wild grape is that the leaf in the picture is probably...
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    Leaf identification vinifera vs. labrusca

    Can you tell the difference between a vinifera and a hybrid vine by looking at the leaves? The reason that I ask is that there is a yard backing on to our townhouse complex that has some kind of neglected-looking grapevine growing over the fence. I live in Toronto, and I have planted a lot of...