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Canton Cooperage/XtraChêne
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Mar 1, 2019
Nov 6, 2018
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Canton Cooperage/XtraChêne

Sponsor, from Santa Rosa, CA and Lebanon, KY

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Mar 1, 2019
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    XtraChene is the expert producer of premium French and American oak alternatives for 40 years for fermentation and aging. Open air seasoning featuring chips, granular, Stavettes, stave fan assemblies, barrel insert units, Oak-on-a-Rope, Xoakers and the Stick 22.90. Select from Classic Toasts, Toast Blends and Fire Toast options. XtraVanTM oak chip blend develops vanilla notes, pastry flavors, and adds roundness on the palate. XtraPureTM French Oak chips, with naturally high antioxidant capacity (CaOxTM technology), recommended to protect must and wines from oxidative phenomena.

    Canton Cooperage crafts the finest American oak barrels, selecting the highest quality oak; natural open-air seasoned staves (certified); toasting barrels precisely with computer monitoring; traditionally crafted in a modern facility; HACCP process; full traceability & food safety controls (certified). Grand Cru Limited Edition 4 year (extra fine grain, air-seasoned 48 mo.), Grand Cru (extra fine, 36 mo.) Vintage Premium (fine, 36 mo.) Vintage (fine, 24 mo.). We offer: 200L, 225L, 228L, 265L, 300L & 500L. New Spirit barrel 200L (12, 24, 36 mo.) char toasted for bourbon, whiskies, rum, tequila aging.


    Canton Cooperage / XtraChêne USA
    Sonoma County CA Sales Office
    Tel: 707.843.4407 / Fax: 707.978.5967