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Hey @Juniper Hill a friend of mine lives in wolfville and might need some grape or apple advice in the future. I'm guessing you live in that general area and thought I'd reach out. I'm going to visit him next monday and tuesday and am going to check out his property. I'll see if he is serious about the fruit but thought I'd reach out to you to get the advice wheels primed. Thanks in advance.
Juniper Hill
Juniper Hill
Sure thing. Happy to provide help to a fellow winemaker. I live close to Halifax, about 45 mins from Wolfville. Get most of my fruit near wolfville.
hello not sure how to post to this sight or if it is ok to sell equipment but I have a wooden basket bladder press that I can not fine a bladder for Someone who is handier than myself may be able to modify the press I'm in connecticut would send pic if I could figure out how to on this sight it is in greet condition 50L basket
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I am seriously looking into labels for wine and I would like to chat with you if you have time ?

I was looking into MacDay labeling system - you are stuck with their template and the use of a thermal printer - I am seriously thinking of starting a small business adventure with it ?

Thanks again
Steve 630-333-3479
Good afternoon, I am new to this forum as well as to winemaking. I have my very first batch of blueberry wine currently setting in my secondary fermenter. I know that I will pick up some tips and learning tools from this forum. Thank you for the add.
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Back to making wine after a long hiatus. So far this year I have made 3 batches. One was great, another was terrible and the third was tolerable.
What was your base ? Kit ,juice or grapes?
Blueberry wine starting gravity of 1.130 . 48hours slow movement in air lock can I open and add water to my must to lower gravity and repitch yeast very slow I am at 75 degrees and I've added a heating blanket to warm a little to get movement in air lock
Hello everyone! I need serious advice and help, I cut 3 pineapples to small size pieces I added 35grams ofwheat flour, egg white, 20grams of yeast ,1kg of sugar...I used bottled purified water and filled and I then covered it air tight...only after one day it's tasting not so sour but not sweet at all and the smell isn't like that of pineapple...I wonder if I dump it away or it's fine?
What are you trying to make?
Made wine from Aronia & Autumn berries, pressed & drained bags of these thawed berries what a mess that was! I had enough juice to make a five-gallon batch of wine, started the wine on July 20, 2020 (SG 1.085) today the SG is .998, the wine was racked four times up to today and will be filtered just prior to bottling. This wine has beautiful ruby colour to it & is very velvety on the tongue.
Elayne Mott
What a challenge...never even heard of these berries, let alone had a recipe for making wine from them. Thanks all who gave me advice on these berries.
Hello All, I'm new to wine making, been at it 2 years and the first year was a fail. Last year I think needs a bit of help. My wine is nice and red and tastes nice BUT it has a very strong tingling/sparkling feeling to it. We bottled the wine after 6 months. One bottle exploded but the others didnt.. just that sparking sensation... how do I get rid of it please?
I have a large Grapevine in my house so I will start all over again this september.
Sounds to me like your wine with through malolactic fermentation in the bottle and you forgot to add enough sulfite before bottling. Similar to primary fermentation it produces carbon dioxide but it converts malic acid to lactic acid. It’s usually encouraged in red winemaking and commercial strains of bacteria can be added to your wine post primary fermentation.
To answer your question, the sparkling sensation is that your wine became carbonated in the bottle. To get rid of it you’d let the wine complete malolactic under an airlock, sulfite, and then bottle. Commercial strains of ML bacteria take between 2-4 months.