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Jun 5, 2017
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Next week i'm planning to make 5 gallons of fruit juice wine.

I just checked the yeast and additives i have, and i wonder if there is something i'm missing for this?

What i have:

- Different types of yeast.
- Nutrion for the yeast. (Diammonium phosphate)
- Pectinase (Not sure if i need this one? Making red grape wine.)
- Lots of sugar.

What i think im missing:

- Yeast stop. Is this needed? (This allways came included in the kits i used)

- Campden tablets. I assume i need this? I couldn't find them in the brew stores here in Oslo, but ill just order online if i cant find them anywhere.

- Some additives to clear the whine? (This allways came included in the kits i used)

Anything else? :ib

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