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Oct 27, 2008
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By Christmas I will have 8 batches of kit wines ready & am planning a "wine tasting" party! I said I would also have snacks???? I am NOT into what wines goes with what food. What I am wondering, besides cheese what good snacks have you used or recommend?? Cheese was all I could think of?
Thanks for any thoughts!!?..~ :confused:
Depends on the kind of cheese.

Try eating some cheese and then sip at a glass of
Often the strong flavor of the cheese will kill
the flavor of the wine.

Chocolate is absolutely a wrong combination with wine.

Just try some snacks yourself and look at the outcome.
Anything strong flavored will kill the fun of the wine.

I personally like a bit of chocolate with wine. A slice of apple or pear usually works well. Just let your imagination take over it's always fun to experiment.
Thanks for your thoughts..
I will debate on the cheese's I get. I like the fresh fruit idea [never gave it a thought before] ... But must leave the chocolate out because chocolate & wine doesn't go well with me because I am a chocolate-holic.. lol
Another question?
If I am drinking a sweet blackberry wine - is it considered a dessert wine??
I think sweet wines are considered Dessert wines when the SG is over 1.020. As far as snacks go try to get some of these. I went to a wine tasting here in CT. and they had these and they are awesome.
The typical answers are cheese and crackers. For a wine tasting party, bland-ish crackers like water crackers are a necessity so you can clear your palate between wines... assuming your guests are trying to compare your wines.

I have to disagree with Luc on chocolate pairing. Chocolate goes great with quite a few red wines and ports.

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