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Sep 23, 2018
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I've seen part one. Very informative, especially about the commercial wines vs natural winemaking.


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May 10, 2019
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I watched the first episode of Wine Revealed as well. It dragged on a little long (almost 2 hours) and I have mixed impressions about it. This episode consisted of an introduction to the series and 3 other interviews.
The first interview (with Todd White of was the most informative. They talked about commercial wines vs natural wines, the laws and regulations that govern wine production and sales in the United States, they hit on Robert Parker and his Wine Advocate scoring system and blamed him for the wine styles that are produced in the USA these days. The last 10-15 minutes were awkward to say the least, as Todd started talking about love and other feelings induced by consumption of natural wine. It got so cringy at times that the interviewer (Dr. Patrick Gentempo) felt the need to state (multiple times) that his wife was also there the night before, when the wine was consumed and those feelings were being felt (I have enough personal experience with wine induced feelings and wisdom, thank you very much).
The second interview was with Marco and Amy Stevanoni who own a small Italian restaurant (Veneto) in Salt Lake City. There was really nothing informative or entertaining about this interview.
The third and last interview was with Marko Skocaj who owns the Dolfo winery in Brda, Slovenia. He doesn't speak English very well but has a lot of enthusiasm for his wines. It was not very informative but it was entertaining to watch.
It is clear to me where this film is going and what angle of wine making it is trying to present and promote. I'll watch the second episode tonight, but if there is no change in the quality and usefulness of information presented, I don't think I'll invest any more time into it.


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Jun 19, 2019
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I had my gallbladder removed (no problems) last July. The aftermath required me to do a lot of sitting around. I saw a few videos on YT that as a new comer to the wine world I found pretty interesting. They went all around the world talking to folks. I don’t remember the name but I can find it if anyone would like to see it. It was mainly about vineyards, soil effects, climates, and their impact on the growing process. What I found interesting was just how wine making has took off worldwide.

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