Wild grapes, what should I make?

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Feb 13, 2017
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I have never made grape wine but I recently discovered my parents have a lot of wild grapes, my parents bought the place from a relative and where told they are concord grapes so maybe they are not wild and were planted awhile ago, they have grown up some trees though and there are quite a few of them. After two days of picking I have about five gallons of unpressed (cleaned and destemed though) grapes. I'm not sure how much juice I will get from that but I thought about adding something else to it in order to fill a five gallon carboy. my first thought was to make a pyment but I have already spent a lot on honey this year. I am getting some apples pressed next week and thought about doing a grape and Apple wine. Is there a name for that? It's it good? I have had a beer with grape must in it before and it was good so maybe something like that. Any suggestions? Or maybe I should just buy a smaller carboy and make wine. I have made a kit of county fruit wines but never worked with grapes before just Apple and berry wines.

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Nov 12, 2005
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What size were the grape berries on the cluster? How big are the clusters. I would dare say most people think any blue grape is Concord when most are some sort of wild riparia but that may be different since you said you just picked them in February so I am guessing you aren't from the US.

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