Wild Grape No Water Added?

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Nov 14, 2021
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Central MN
Wild grape juice has a high percentage of acid (Titratable Acidity). >> The acid will control the flavor. My read on the Jack Keller recipe is that it is designed to put the acid close to a domestic vinifera.

@SeniorHobby can you comment on your current wild grape wine,,,./ or meet at someplace half way to do a tasting?
My wild grape wine is looking pretty in my gallon containers just waiting for me to get enlightened on what to do. I have added oak (1cube). I have added sugar to one gallon. I believe that I’ve added airbase to one gallon. As a matter of fact I’ve even added mango to one batch. Haven’t been back to it in a while. Still sitting at the point that I’m not happy bottling it. Courtney, where are you at in Wisconsin, good place to meet & taste test? I’m in central Minnesota.

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