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Darrell Hawley

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Nov 15, 2019
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Frozen tundra of Green Bay, Wis
Joe, I've done wine judging for a few club competitions (amateur), it's hard not to be subjective when you taste a wine that you like. You just have to try and follow the competition rules. One thing I always did, was to go back to number one and re-taste it again. Sometimes I had to change my markings.
I'm no expert, far from it, but I can tell a good wine from an indifferent one.
I sniff, swirl, roll it round my tongue, but if I wasn't judging, I was more like Peter Lorre.
Like most of the folk on the forum, I enjoy making wine, I enjoy drinking it more than tasting it! :b :h
Ah yes, I remember the movie with Peter Lorre and Vincent Price in the horror movie. While Vincent took his time judging the wine, Peter Lorre chugged it all in one gulp. Pretty funny, BUT he still got the type of wine, location and the year correct.


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Apr 9, 2016
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I always wonder why the ice and fruity wines are lumped in with other wines. To compare a apricot peach chardonnay that uses a flavor pack to a true chardonnay is like apples and oranges. I think a peach perfection wine is no more a wine than the wine coolers at your local quick stop.

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