Why is my wine 'thin'?

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Oct 25, 2016
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S. Jersey/Philadelphia area
I would like to cast my vote for tannins and enzymes. Upping the alcohol wouldn't hurt either. I've also weaned from kits but will do an occasional white juice bucket.
for bold red juice buckets i agree not a bad idea to add sugar to about 1.100.

and add this:

and this:

and some oak in aging. and the longer you wait the better it gets. year 1? eh. year 3, 4? It’s possible to u won’t even believe it’s the same wine. buckets, in my experience seem to reverse age compared to grape. Start thin but can* transform into a well balanced full bodied wine. Rather than starting with a fruit, tannin, & flavor bomb and waiting for everything to calm down and live in harmony.

Still never tried aging tannins, only fermentation. sooner or later i’ll check it out.