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May 21, 2017
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Ft Wayne, IN, US
You'll also read kit wine advertisements and labels that claim you can be drinking your wine in 6 weeks - and that is correct, you can drink that wine in 6 weeks but chances are, you and your friends will disappointed if you all like good wines.
Nailed it! On the first kit, I bottled and popped open bottles about 8 weeks after I started it. It tasted "meh." Well, I just popped open a bottle from my last batch (aged for about a year and a half) for dinner last night. 10,000,000x better.

To be perfectly honest, I usually forget I have something aging two weeks after I rack it which helps.
Feb 25, 2017
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Centerville, Northern Virginia
I started in 17 making 4 kits and one all grape wine and have to admit I started drinking them in 17. I switched to grape wines in 18 and made enough to still have a fairly nice inventory. However except for a Chilean Pinot all my 19s are still bulk aging and will result in 500 bottles and the 20s still going through MLF will yield another 700 or so. My point is if you make more than you can drink aging becomes a lot easier. Though I can appreciate the difficulty a new winemaker has with patience.

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