when to remove fruit from must?

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Sep 6, 2008
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I feel like a brain dead zombie sometimes... I used to know all this but after my injury I just can't remember, and my log book was lost in the move last month.

I started 5 gal of apple wine on 09/06 I cut up about 20# of apples and put them in straining bags. I made up the difference with fresh apple juice and added sugar to give me a starting SG of 1.090
I added pectic enzyme,yeast nutrient,acid blend,and tannin at the same time.
I pitched my yeast(cote de blanc) on 09/09 and have a strong fermenting must so far. as you know by my other post I only just checked my Acid today and adjusted accordingly.

what I can't remember is how long to leave the fruit in the must? (I still stir it daily and push and flip the bags.) till I'm ready to rack after ferm. has ceased? thanks for the help.