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Feb 9, 2010
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It always seems that everything happens at once.

This weekend was no exception. We had my brother's 50th surprise birthday party, an 80th birthday party for my brother's MIL, a first communion for my cousin's daughter, and it was Mother's day.

On Thursday, I made a pickup at the airport. The damn plane was due to arrive at 8:25pm (very late for an old fart like me) and was delayed twice, once to 10:30, and then to 1:06am (yes, 1:06 AM!). The problem is that the airport was about 1 hour away so there was no going home to wait. This was a fun night!

I took Friday off of work and ran a few errands and tend the garden. Once done, it was time for my Brother's party.

My brother and I were always pretty close. I always gladly had him tagging along whenever I would go somewhere with my HS buddies. As a result, my friends ended up being his friends too. Most came to his party. It was great! just like old times.

The next morning, I found out that meeting with my old HS gang, plus an open bar, is never a good combination! Shaking off the cobwebs, I met back up with my pals for a steak lunch (see my post in "what's for dinner". I then headed up to my older brother's house for his MIL's 80th. While there, I realized there was no way I was going to get to the First Communion party, so I simply texted my greetings.

Got home, collapsed, woke up, got groceries, and cooked dinner for Mom on Sunday (see "mothers day" thread")

I then got home, did laundry, cooked dinner, did dishes, then sip my way through a bottle of nice red before bed.

Throughout the whole weekend, I kept telling myself that I can relax next weekend...

... Then I realized that next weekend is Chilean crush ....