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May 30, 2010
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That is the question.
I had my wife laughing at me when she looked over my shoulder the other day and saw something like 15 different kits in a shopping cart I have going at FVW. :h
I am going to order 2 kits this week. One for sure is the raspberry white zin. My wife requested that one, and since she is on board with this new hobby of mine, I am more than happy to make something for her. The second kit is the question.
I want to do a white, so that narrows it down a little. I am currently leaning towards either the New Zealand-Unoaked Chardonnay, the German-Gewurztraminer, or the French - Viognier.
Any thoughts on either of these 3?
Answer is what do you like? Chard is dry. Gewurtz is sweet. Viogner is inbetween
I tend to lean toward a dryer wine. Sounds like my wife would be interested in the Gewurtz.
In my house, I don't like Chardonnay, my wife doesn't like Viognier, and we both like dry Gewurztraminer. I've heard good stuff about the Cru Select German Gewurztraminer, but have never made it.

Oh BTW, I wouldn't call Gewurztraminer sweet. Off-dry, sure.

Some of these kits will surprise you with being dry instead os semi. and a lot of these dont include an f-pac to sweeten them. A lot of the Riesling kits are dry.