Weird Peanut Butter Flavor?

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Mar 20, 2017
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We made a pineapple kiwi wine a few months ago that was really good at first. But, after aging it a few months, it got this weird peanut butter flavor, almost like tahini. We have never had this problem before and the wine, which was really good when bottled, is completely undrinkable. :( We are going to let it age a while longer and see what happens, but does anyone know what would cause this to happen and how to avoid this in the future?


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Oct 7, 2007
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Adding to what Stressbaby said, maybe it's a combination of oxidation and the pineapple. We've made a few different pineapple wines, and it seems to be one of those flavors that can go "weird" on you. Sometimes we've tasted a woody flavor, very often a smokey flavor, sometimes a metal "tin" flavor. I've never heard of an infection that causes a peanut butter taste (I did check out sour grapes Wiki link and found it interesting that pyrazines sometimes have a rancid peanut butter flavor, I'd never heard that before). I think you're right to hold onto it for awhile and see what happens... you never know what a few years can do. Good luck!