Vines are WAY behind last year

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Aug 23, 2014
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In a former life I worked for a large canning company. We had peas, beans, corn.

Everything was planted in sequence based on degree days so that ripening \harvest would fall in an orderly sequence also.

The old mom nature would step in to screw things up. Ever try to run a 10 ton pea harvester through mud?? The crop was ready and the next field was approaching ready.

The point being, I remember years when the rain quit at the end of May and it turned hot!! Scramble to harvest as fields were ripening too fast. Then years when it rained until the 4th of July! Sit around hoping they got ripe before the cannery had to switch machines over for corn.

Weather right now is not any different. One year a lot of rain (this year), or no rain and hot (last year). Make the best of it!!??

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