Vine wine - I'm going for it!

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Jan 14, 2022
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Hocking Hills, OH
Bottling day!
Hard to believe it's been a year! Time flies (occasionally). And a stunning surprise!!!

A brief tangent - growing up in northern Ohio one of my favorite wines was made from the Catawba grape, a popular variety and most local wineries had their version. It's usually semi-sweet to sweet and I think major wineries look down on it.
CJJ Berry and T. Edwin Belt both mention that vine wine will very likely take on the characteristics of the grape variety. Well...

After my first sip I started laughing. I used Catawba leaves and tendrils and this tastes like Catawba grape wine! Back sweetening intensified the flavor. It's still somewhat astringent but that's to be expected with 5 gallons of leaves. Absolutely delicious and one of my favorite country wines! Yes, I'll be making it again this year.

If you grow grapes please try vine wine. You won't be disappointed.