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Jul 6, 2009
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Hi. Years of brewing beer exp, only a few batches of wine so far (turning out great). BUT! Here's a question I've got as I don't want to be poisoned and die...

I gathered about 12 lbs. of strawberries and dropped em in my plastic bucket for initial prep before yeast and transfer to a 4 gallon glass fermenter. All groovie.

Then I went to the garden and picked about 4 lbs. of blackberries to make a gallon of honey-blackberry wine. So, I got berries, I got an empty fermenter (an empty fermenter is the devil's playground)...

Strawberries are still in the plastic, so I decide to use the largest pot I have to initially ferment the blackberries. Into the pot went: 4lbs. berries, 1/2 lb. honey, 1 gallon water, 1 campden tab, 1/2 tsp acid blend, 1/4 tsp of peptic enzyme. I leave it in there for 24 hours and add yeast. Wait a bit. Time to transfer to glass...

It looks great, smells fantastic, then I look at the non-stick (cephalon) pot I used for the initial prep. It's a bit off colored. It appears the prep may have removed some of the non-stick coating (or did it add something to it?).

Anyone have any clue on this? I hate to trash the wine but I'd hate to have convulsions and die in 8 months time.

Any advice or experienced opinions would be greatly appreciated.