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Sep 15, 2020
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I’m looking to put a smaller ( 7 cubic ft+) in my garage for bulk aging of wines. I have a small vineyard in the yard and am anticipating maxing out production from that at 15-20 gallons as the vines finish maturing. Any recommendations for models or sizes I should look at that would fit my needs. I’ve had my eye on one at Home Depot, but concerned it may be too small.

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.


Fruit Wine Alchemist
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Sep 6, 2020
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I am in the midst of the same decision process. Convertible upright freezers are a good choice because you don't waste space with a freezer compartment that you don't need. For my wine room, I need a counter depth upright with a reversible door, which severely limits my choices. I was looking at this one: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Samsung-11-4-cu-ft-Upright-Freezer-Stainless-Look-ENERGY-STAR/5000262547

But I realized that I could put the fridge/freezer just outside the wine room, which would give me more counter space. In that case I don't need a reversible door and I could get a larger unit. My wife likes the idea of extra space that could be used for garden vegetables, etc. One unit I am looking at this this one: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insign...er-refrigerator-white/6336452.p?skuId=6336452. It would give me almost twice the space as the unit above, for about the same price. Insignia is probably not as good as Samsung, but it might be good enough for my purposes.

The Vissani unit seems like a good choice if you don't need as much space. I looked at that, but decided that I need more room. I also make hard cider, and I might eventually get a corny keg setup, so I want to be able to put a small keg in the fridge if the need arises.

Since I am setting up my wine room, I am thinking that no one ever felt that they had too much counter space or too much space in the fridge. Budget permitting, I want to create space that is larger than I need right now.

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