Two ole wild west cowboys

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Apr 4, 2018
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Ted; Pleased to meet you Dan
Dan; where ya from Ted
Ted; from up on the ridge
Dan; Oh thats your chimney smoke ive been seein all winter long
Ted; Yup
Dan; Wanna come over for a party?
Ted; Gosh yes Its been ages..... thank you Dan
Dan; Ive gotta warn ya though there might be some drinkin goin on
Ted; Thats fine by me...those are the best kind
Dan; Ive gotta warn ya there might be some fightin when things get late
Ted; gosh thats ok Ive been in a few scraps
Dan; Ive gotta warn ya there might be some sex happnin
Ted; Oh boy thats just fine by me, its been a long time since ive gotten up on my hind legs
Dan; Well ill be seein ya on Saturday then good bye
Ted; What does a person wear to one of these parties of yours?

Dan; It dont much matter its just gonna be the two of us