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Jan 9, 2013
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Does anyone have access to a chart or info that tells if the total so2 in a wine is good or bad?
I do have the ability to check with my SC-300 but was also wondering if their is a calculation that could be used if you know the amount added over time.


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Jun 16, 2014
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The information I have indicates that a total sulfite around 200 ppm or above can begin to be detected, but as usual, it depends on the wine and the taster. Total sulfite can't be determined by summing the so2 additions, because some of the so2 oxidizes which ultimately forms sulfuric acid. The sulfuric acid formation is what causes the wine's total so2 to drop over time. I have never measured total so2, but if you have the ability, it might be interesting to see what happens over time.
Feb 25, 2017
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Centerville, Northern Virginia
The 300 does do Total S02. Below are the instructions. I've been meaning to but haven't done it myself yet.

Measuring Total SO2 by Titration (optional - requires 1N NaOH): 1. Place 25 mL wine or must in the 100mL titration beaker (See Figure 15). 2. Add 10ml 1N sodium hydroxide (Vinmetrica Part number SC-100-17) and mix well. Let stand approximately 10 minutes. 3. Using the transfer pipettes, add approximately 8 mL of the Acid Reagent and 2 mL of the Reactant solution to the vessel. Remember that if you are using the transfer pipettes in the kit, 2 mL is the amount that fills the bulb with a vigorous squeeze, so dispense four of these for the Acid Reagent. 4. Proceed from step 5 in the Free SO2 procedure above. The result calculated will be total SO2, rather than free SO2 in parts per million (ppm) or mg/L.

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