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Feb 23, 2009
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Being very new winemaking, I am overwhelmed by the choices of juice kits.. Just today I was looking online and found that amazon sells numerous different kits.. Some of the prices seem reasonable(all juice kits under 95.00 delivered!) but trying to find any info on some of them is difficult.. Do any of you have any knowledge or care to comment on some of these kits??

Amazon Kits

I am getting another fermenter and carboy because I am already addicted!! So far I have Mosti Vinifera Noble Cab in carboy, Green Apple Riesling on deck, and US Elite(got it while on sale) Pinot planned.. I have to admit, an all juice(???) Australian Riesling for 87.00 delivered is extremely tempting.. Especially since now would be the perect time to start such a kit for late summer drinking.. Not to mention you get another primary fermenter with the deal!!

Aussie Riesling

But then again, if these kits are substandard, it may not be such a great deal.. :confused:

Edit!! Just found this site.. After zooming in on picture I was able to see it was made by Paklab Products inc..

Paklab Link

Even finding the producer of this wine kit left me with a dead end in my quest to find info on the Aussie Riesling.. Still looking..
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Nov 5, 2006
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Reserve du Chateau seems to be a new brand that has shown up in the last week. There is a discussion on Winepress about it.

It seems to be from Paklab (which one poster says is owned by Advintage). Neither is a manufacturer that I plan to patronize. But others like their products.


Here's the link to the Winepress topic

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