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Sep 12, 2018
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I just noticed a new development. I purchased my Malo bacteria from two different online sources. WLP 675 arrived on time and was cold. When I look at the collar of the carboy and give it a shake, I can see tiny bubbles. That is a good sign. The second online order was Wyeast 4007 and was held up in shipping for over a week. The icepack was defrosted but I pitched it just because I had it and was hoping for the best. When I shake the 4007 carboys I don't see any tiny bubbles. Should I assume that the 4007 won't do anything and should I treat that wine as though I never inoculated it? By the way I live in upstate NY the order was coming from Pa. and the ambient outdoor temperatures were in the 50's.

It just so happens that I received an email asking me to complete a satisfaction survey. I told them that the product arrived warm and not working. They offered to replace it. Can I pitch a new package of Wyeast 4007 into the same carboy?

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