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Jul 23, 2017
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I started my very first batch of wine ever on Saturday. It's a blueberry wine that calls for 12-15 pounds of blueberries, but the guy said that 15 lbs is best. I had approximately 14 pounds of them for this wine. I had washed, sorted, and prepped all of them or so I thought. Everything was added in the bucket and wine started Saturday. Sunday I added the yeast, but I discovered a 2 pound package of blueberries sitting the fridge yesterday. I assume it's too late to add them now that things are fermenting. I'm hoping 12 pounds is okay for a 5 gallon recipe. The color looked more like a dark red than that purply color I typically see in blueberry wine. I assume it just means I'll have a lighter bodied wine. Will this affect the wine? Thanks!


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Aug 29, 2015
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Northwest Arkansas
How many Gallons? 12-15 is low for a 3 gallon batch and super low for a 5 gallon batch. For a one gallon batch way too much.

I'd work for somewhere between 6-7 lbs per gallon. You can go higher but... good ripe blueberries should be plenty strong enough at that rate per gallon.

Also pay close attention to the acidity of your must. Do NOT add any acid blend or any acid until you have the berries crushed and they've set at least overnight. It's not unusual for a blueberry batch to have an initial pH reading below 3.00. You want to get it up over 3.00 at least and it's best to be between 3.4 - 3.6 pH.