The battle of the pH meter!

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Jul 1, 2018
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@crushday thank you for asking this question… I’ve learned a lot from this thread. While my Milwaukee has a replaceable probe, it only goes to one decimal and I don’t believe is temperature compensating. Good first start when I was asking “sooo… pH?”. It sounds like it’s time to upgrade, which will also much improve my winemaking process too... kindly accept only my comments about customer service… all the rest of this makes so much more sense!

I love the collective wisdom on this forum. And, everyone is extremely nice!!

Glad you’re on here…. Cheers!
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Feb 21, 2021
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Late to the party here because I've been traveling, but I bought a Milwaukee MW102 back in August. I bought it direct from Milwaukee, I think it was around $120. Reasons for choosing it:

- Resolution +/-0.01 units, accuracy +/-0.02
- Standard format probe with BNC connector, means I have options when it comes time to replace the probe
- Probe fits in my little beaker for when I want to do titrations
- Double junction probe (less chance of clogging when measuring juice and other turbid samples)
- ATC (including during calibration; for some reason at least one of the others I considered doesn't do ATC during calibration, only during measurement)

I'm sure some of the other units discussed here are good too, but I've been happy with my choice so far. I've used it for both basic pH measurements and TA titrations. For the latter, the response time is good, though for all measurements I agree with one of the earlier comments that it's important to gently agitate either the probe or the solution while you're taking a reading.

*edited to clarify that you agitate the probe, not the meter...
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