TDN: trimethyl-dihydronapthalene; petrol smell in wines?

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Rowdy Rhodie Ridge Wines
Sep 22, 2010
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I was traveling last weekend and ran across a winery who was serving wines that had a petrol smell to them. I have had several batches of my own wine that had this smell to it. I was surprised they were serving it. So today I did a bit of research and believe I have come across an answer; TDN as it is called. I found thiis info on the UC Davis web site, which lead me to lots of talk about the smell.

But nowhere did I see any solution to do anything about it. Does anyone know, once it happens to your wine, is that it? Some of the articles say Oh that's to be expected somewhat...but I have had batches that it is overpowering. I have tried airiating the wine ( a LOT) to little avail.

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