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Jul 23, 2011
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Well, yesterday I bottled the wine from my first Winexpert Bergamais kit. The main tweak was that I went with Vinter's Harvest CR51 wine yeast, and added yeast nutrients. The only other thing I did was to whip it twice at 5 minutes, instead of twice at 2 minutes, per kit directions. (I really don't like carbonation.) Oh, and I left out the sorbate, as I usually do.

I have been going with the premium kits for my last 6 or 7, but I wanted to try aging one or two of those, so I thought I'd make a kit designed for quick-drinking, instead of quick-drinking wine designed to be aged.

So, along with this I made an En Primeur Rosso Grande Eccelente to put by for a year or so. (Now that I've got these two batches cleared, I plan to do a Nebbiolo next, with RP-15 Rockpile yeast.)

The CR51 is advertised thus: "CR51 will enhance ripe berry fruit flavours in light and fruity red wines and introduce a velvet texture perfect for Valpolicella and especially for Beaujolais style wines. This strain has an almost unique ability to confer a smooth even ‘silky’ quality to the wine, perfect for early consumption young reds."

I was very pleased with the wine, right from the carboy. It is dry, light, approachable, and it seems ready to go. I'm pleased with the bright color and with the freshness. A great summery wine. It's too bad I don't have two 3 gallon carboys or I would have split it and tried the EC-1118 yeast in a side-by-side. Maybe it would have been just as good, who knows? At any rate, it shows me that I don't always need to go with the premium kits...
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