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Jan 22, 2009
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I would love to make a my own recipe. I'm actually getting ready to bottle my very first batch in May (SunCal White Zine...looks good and cleared well on its own, just bulk aging now). Balance is probably important. Here is my idea.

Melrose apples (Jonathan + Red Delicious http://www.cffresh.com/fresh/melrose_profile.html)
Local Black Raspberries
Local Strawberries

I can't get too many strawberries because they're in a little garden next to our house. They are SOOO sweet even when young. So to supplement those, I would have to buy them at the market. I'm worried the black raspberries would over power everything with too much flavor so the other ingredients would be gone. I've just heard that local fruits always "taste" better. Tell me what you think...any imput would be awesome. I'm looking at making a one gallon so if I use three ingredients I wouldn't need too much of just one.
What sort of wine are you wanting to produce? sweet, dry etc..

I don't know about the sweetness and flavour of the black raspberry variety locally where you are. I grow those in my garden and they are not as strong in flavour, sweetness and don't give as much juice as the double fruiting, autumn variety red raspberry. Homegrown strawberries are much sweeter too, you could freeze all the fruit for your wine as it comes from the strawberry patch, til you have enough to start the batch... I have a habit of throwing into the mix, any ingredients on hand at the time.

Fresh fruits from the grocery store arent usually very good as they are picked before they ever ripen and never truly ripen compared to fresh fruit for a stand. Frozen fruits from the grocery store are typically much better as they are picked when ripe and then immediately frozen and are much sweeter producing more flavor and abv.