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Oct 18, 2009
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My first batch of wine, peach. I'm hearing I should have been sulphiting all along whenever I racked off the this a major mistake? I did add the campden tablets in the beginning.

I guess I've also not been leaving the wine on the dregs long enough; 2-3 days with a good inch or so of lees and I want to rack. I've done it 6 times so far. Hearing I should only have racked mostly 4 times. I'm pretty sure I didn't siphon it off correctly for awhile there so I may have been sucking lees into the new rack. How long do I leave it sitting on the dregs? I thought the dead yeast would start doing something else & mess up the wine.

I'm at the time for stabilizing and fining so I'm wondering about the next batch I do. I hope I didn't screw up too badly.

Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Once fermentation is done you shoukld add that and sorbate, after that only sulfite around the 3-4 month schedule. Once you rack off the less left behind from primary the sediment is not sp crucial and can be left on much longer and it can even be good for your wine to a certain extent. It can add body and complexity toyor wine and is called Surlees aging. Many even stir it up evry day for a month especially with Chardonnay and this process is called Battonnage which will give you a big buttery wine. If you let the wine sit on the lees a little longerit will compact down which will become harder making it easier for you to rack off. Another trick is to have the carboy leaning to one side while its dropping sediment with a wedge under 1 side of the carboy. This makes all the sediment fall to 1 side, when you are ready to rack then gently tip the carboy to the other side and rack off the clear side giving you much more wine and less lees transfer.

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