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Nov 30, 2021
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NE Wisconsin
Hello from Wisconsin. I had lots of pandemic free time on my hands last year and decided to try my hand at making fruit wines. I purchased a wine making kit only to find out my dad had one in his garage that hadn't been used in years, so I grabbed that too. I started with 10 gallons of apple wine and They both turned out great... now I can't stop! I have three gallons of beet wine bulk aging in the cellar right now, five gallons of apple that I just racked into a secondary, and five gallons of wild grape that I started today. I also have enough elderberries in the freezer for three gallons!

When I built my house more than 20 years ago, I included an in-ground root cellar that never held more than a few gardening tools and a couple sacks of potatoes so I converted to a wine cellar. I now have enough shelf space for about 200 bottles of wine and several secondaries... if I fill that up, I still have one wall empty where I can build more bottle storage. I may have a problem!

I do have a few questions about wine storage and my current apple wine. I will check out the forum to find the appropriate place for posting them.

Nov 5, 2006
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Raleigh, NC, USA
Winemaking is an odd bug. Most people are immune to it, while some catch a mild case and get over it.

Some few develop a serious case, and I regret to inform you that yours appears severe. While it may run its course, winemaking is not treatable and you may have to live with it for the remainder of your life.

How do you live with this terrible disease? Please believe me -- you CAN live with it -- some of us have been handling it for decades.

Treat the symptoms: buy more carboys, make more wine. Maybe even buy a barrel or 10. Put a wine rack on that bare wall, as you WILL need it.

Make the best wine you can, as others will drink it and distract you from your horrible disease with honest praise. It helps to have a support group of fellow sufferers, and you have found that.

Welcome to WMT!

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