Strawberries won over the mangoes!

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Oct 26, 2008
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Missed the special on mangoes but came up with 16# of pretty nice strawberries for a little over a dollar per pound. Gonna remove the lil green leaves cut them in half and freeze them till I get ready for my big move into my first true fruit wine. Was wondering if they will ripen a bit more if I allow them to sit in a paper bag for a day or so, I have heard some fruits will ripen on the countertop by doing this. Any thoughts?

I am not ready to start this batch yet, so I am not asking any questions on a recipe, I see some of you posted some great recipes, I will consider these when I cross the strawberry bridge (need carboy space :)

Was hoping somebody had thoughts on ripening them just a bit more before freezing, they're not "hard", but I can sure see them a lil mor riper.
Strawberries decompose very quickly, ...I suggest you hull them and get them into the freezer while they are still firm.

How many berries to use for 5 gallons

I have looked at several different recipes for strawberry wine. For 5 gallons(US), I heard 20#, 24#, 12.5#, 25#, and 18#. I don't necessarily want to make 5 gallons, I only have 16#, and was pondering augmenting that with a gallon of apple juice. I am not ready to start this for a week or so but am trying to get a plan together. So what do you all think? I have 16# to work with. I want it to taste like strawberries(well, the essence of them anyway). And in the end I do want it a little sweet, I'll deal with that in a couple months, but for now I would appreciate your call on the amount of weight to use per gallon. If I decided to use some apple juice, am I just defeating my purpose on using all this nice berries? And while I'm at it, I understand a high ABV with strawberries isn't good, what do you recommend? 12-ish?

Please Advise
Hey Sid whats up? Wade always says to go to 1.085 SG and that works out to be around 11.5 to 12% I have used 3lbs for a gallon and althought it is not ready yet it tastes like fresh strawberries. I have 2 recipes one calls for 12.5 lb and the other is for dessert wine and it calls for 25lb. ! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods, Steve
Hey Steve, sorry I missed your call last week, we'll try again. The recipe you used I am assuming you posted in the recipe forumn, correct/ If it is I seen the pictures and it looks like it is coming along nicely.
Yes it is coming along as planned. It is alittle sour yet and I like dry wine so I am still debating on whether or not to back sweeten it. The fruit flavor is better than I expected. I'll give ya another try I am back on first shift for a couple months. Later Steve:b
I used three 1lb. packages and ended up with 3 1/2 lbs. after cleaning ! I was expecting to use 4 packages to get 3 lbs. usable fruit.
You used 3 (1) lb packages and ended up with 3 1/2 lbs. Brother you should get into investments and BUY wine. LOL.:D

Strawberries are very fragant and therefore could very well take a bit alcohol extra. Like 12%. It will be a blush wine however and I like mine to be a easy drinking sweet summer wine and keep it at 11%.

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Me too LUC, want it to be a little sweet, but not rocket fuel strong. This will be my first fruit wine and am looking forward to working with it. Any Dutch secrets you have on Strawberry wine would be appreciated.
16# save 3# for a fpac and make a 3 gallon batch. I try to shoot for 1.085ish. Then backsweeten.
Thats sounds good Tom. I'm looking at Mads grocery Strawberry and am thinking of going that direction.
Keep the acidity low, about 6. Keep the alcohol low, about 11 and you will have a winner.

Strawberry tastes great being dry, semi-dry or sweet.
You will be amazed. And it will get better even after aging a year. But I bet it want last that long.....

LUC something tells me this will be a fantastic batch. I may only make wine from concentrate during the winter when fruit prices are outrageous here. Although I admit, I have been making this orange mango concoction and it is actually quite good. If I ever actually get wine into a bottle, do I win a prize?:D I am looking forward to this strawberry wine and am further instructions from you and all of those who have went before me. Sure appreciate your help and guidance. Gonna baby this wine, hope you can help hold the bottle, and change my spinnies when I say, ****, this is good!!!!:)
Tom, really 3# for the fpac? I by no means doubt your word but that seems like alot. I'll ask you how to make it a few weeks from now.
I and Wade use 20-30% of total fruit for a F-Pac. You do want falvor right?
I trust you bro:D Definitely want flavor. Appreciate the advice.
I like 4-6#'s of fruit per gallon PLUS extra for f-pac's
Just me. BTW Joeswine has won MANY awards for his fruit wines. He uses a similar recipe.

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