Southern Hemisphere Malbec ?

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Apr 18, 2016
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Hi! Have not been around for a while but am looking into must bucket options for Chilean or Argentinian Malbec. My capacity on this will be three buckets of must. I'll be checking with Musto closer to end of Feb but anyone know of any other options I'd love to consider all.

I did three buckets of 2013 Plum Ridge must and blended 1/2 of that with a Merlot kit that macerated on the pressed plum ridge cab-sav skins. This in the barrel for fall/winter and ready to come out for bottling spring time but I'll be checking it soon. I have the blend plus varietal versions of each.

Just bottled 45 bottles of the Carneros Chardonnay which I ended up blending with a Chardonnay kit that I had macerated on apricots. The Carneros was a little lacking in acidity and the apricot chardonnay was a little heavy TA so I had been testing the blend for a while and it worked out great. Those bulk aged for about 1yr and are laying down now for some more rest. I think I did oak spirals and some barrel time too.

Anyway, very motivated to make a southern hemisphere Malbec this spring maybe along with something else to blend some too so any comments are appreciated. I've got several of each of the Red Schooner Voyage 2/3/4 in my cellar and really enjoy those dark inky ones.