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Dec 17, 2007
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Cherry wine:

6 kg (13.22 lbs) sour cherry makes 6.5 lt (1.71 gallon) cherry juice,
Sugar to 1.110 s.g.,
2.5 lt (0.66 gallon) water,
Half spoon of pectic enzyme,
2 spoons of yeast nutrient,
1 spoon of acid blend
Bioferm Blanc yeast

We crushed the cherries with hand. Then we used straining bag until all of the pulps are discarded. Then we squeezed off the pulps in the straining bag once again.

Yeast starter: A cup of cherry juice, 2 tsp of sugar, when yeast starts to grow add another 1 tsp of sugar. When fermentation peaks, add it to the main concentration.

In the primary the yeast is still at its peak with spreading sweet aroma of cherry. Hope this aroma won’t go away...🙂
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