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Okie Parrish

Sep 15, 2018
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I started 5 gallons of strawberry on Wednesday (8/12) got a S.G. of 1.103 when I added yeast Thursday (8/13) didnt see any fermentation activity untel saturday afternoon (8\15) its now reading 1.084 just wondering
what should I be checking for as far when to move to secondary fermentation iv ready many different things oh seen around day 5 is that 5 days from when I started, when I pitched the yeast, or when it finally started fermenting? Iv also read do it when the fruit sinks to the bottom and iv seen to do it when SG is 1.030 or less is that the day it hits 1.030 or after its stayed under 1.030 a few days

One more question I don't have a carboy yet won't be able to get one tell at least next weekend all I have now is an extra 5gallon primary fermenter but it does have a lide with airlock once time to transfer would it be best to wait tell I can get the carboy or use the bucket with lid? And if i use the bucket would it be best to move it soon as I get the carboy or wait tell next racking time


Fruit "Wine" Maker
Aug 29, 2015
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Northwest Arkansas
When and if you use the lid and airlock. Wet down the seal part of the lid before snapping it on. Otherwise you will probably never see the airlock bubble at all. Those bucket lids don't really seal all that well.