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Oct 23, 2014
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40 mile yonder & PLUM NOWHERE
a little better then 2 years ago, mom and my brother found a lab, sitting up like a statute, completely amanesanated, in front of a old abannded house, they took her home, each month when i order food online walmart, and my brother would help me carry it in, frist 2 months the lab would lay in my living room, and when they left kody would leave too, the third month, when they got ready to go, kody jumped into a recliner and curled up and hid her eyes, so i told them to just leave her here, she out grew my doggie door so i bought a XL doggie door, she was house broke, leash broke, knew what no meant, well FMAR here comes my mon with a little and under 2 year old, at least 1/2 wire hair terrier, butter is her name, she lived with mom and dad for 7 to 8 months, finnally mom ask me if i wanted her,, i said HECK NO,, mom tells me when i come over butter always went nutts, and lay on me the whole time i was over there, now my parents are nutts about dogs, mom buys hambuger meat and bacon, and cooks for their dogs, anyway, when mom keeps on i finnaly said ok, somebody please knock me n the head, kody is huge, butter is tiny, for butter to use the doggie door it is rubing her belly raw, so i ordered a small doggie door to day, it will fit side by side but set way lower,,, i dont know, best i can say is i guess,,,,, i reacon my chickens finnaly come home to roost,,,,

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